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FOr littlehands. SO sorry it's this late!
by lady_jahar (lady_jahar)
at January 13th, 2007 (04:52 pm)

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Lost Hohoho for: littlehands
Prompt number: One- Post Island Gen Angst.

Charlie Pace sat alone on a crate staring out to sea. It was pouring rain and he was furious. It had been three years since the crash and six hours since the homecoming. At present he was cold, soaking wet and dead broke. Liam still hadn’t shown up to welcome him home, go figure. He sighed heavily and thought back to when they first had gotten back.
Desmond was the first one off the boat and really who could blame him? After all for him it had been six long years on the Island of Doom. A pretty woman ran at him and jumped into his arms. The Scot was knocked into the water still kissing his beloved Penny. It seemed somehow to perfectly fit them that first meeting would find her knocking him into the harbor. Charlie had watched this from the rails so as not to be attacked by the girls waving signs and screaming his name. Nothing like a seeming death to get a band back into popularity it seemed.
“Hey VH1, looks like your fans want you to get off next so how bout you go crowd surf or whatever you rock gods do.” Sawyer drawled. “After all you’re the cute one.”
“Shut the hell up Sawyer. Or should I say James?” Charlie snapped back angrily. Kate was lead off while they argued and promptly put into handcuffs. After all, she was still up for murder.
Locke quietly followed Kate and went over to Boone’s mother. “Hello, I’m John Locke. I was…friends with Boone on the island. I thought you should hear what happened to him from me. And how Shannon died from Sayid. He’ll be down soon.”
“And what happened to my son? Shannon hardly matters she was always fairly worthless. Self absorbed and careless.”
Locke frowned but began his tale. Of how Boone went up into the drug plane and how he tried to call for help-and only managed to get the tail section. How the plane fell and hurt him badly and even Jacks’ best efforts were not enough. By the time he had finished Sayid had joined him quietly.
“And I ought to tell you how Shannon died. I am Sayid Jarrah.”
“I don’t care how she died.” Sabrina said shortly. “Excuse me I have to mourn my son.” Dark eyes flashed angrily but he let her go. What was the point of trying to deal with some one who didn’t care at all?
“Come on Kate. Time to stop Running” the cop said as he cuffed the brunette. Charlie shook his head annoyed. Then he walked down the gangplank. The huge crowd surrounded him screaming and begging for his autograph.
“Marry me Charlie!”
“NO me!” it took nearly an hour for the crowd to calm down and leave. By then Sawyer had strolled off and just as Charlie turned towards where the southerner a pretty woman walked up to him with a little girl.
“I uh….changed my mind ….James” She said tucking her hair behind her ear. “This is your daughter.”
“Cassidy” He managed face having gone completely white despite the tan. “It’s…wow. She’s …she’s a beauty aint she?”
“I figured you ought to at least meet her. Join us for dinner?” At his nod, Charlie was nearly left alone. Mike and Walt were going over to Hurley. And Claire was trying to get Aaron off the boat while he pitched a fit.
A reporter asked after others that should have been with them. “Boone and Shannon died, as did Ana Lucia and Libby.” He said very quietly. “And Rose and Bernard stayed there. Something about the island being the perfect place for them” The rock star flicked his long sun bleached blonde hair from his eyes. “Now please go away.”
The reporter did, speculating that ‘Mr. Pace.’ was still on drugs and thus was clearly out of sorts. He sighed heavily and then he went to help Claire.
“I guessed that this is goodbye then Claire. As you didn’t want to y’know stay together after the island.”
“I can’t be with a liar Cahlie. You know that. But thank you for all that help. An’ Peanut butter.” Here she smiled and joined her mother, after kissing Charlie’s cheek goodbye.
He went over to Mike and Walt; Hurley had already left with his mother. “Everything ok man?” Mike asked softly seeing Charlie’s stormy expression.
“My idiot of an older brother didn’t even show up! I good as come back from the dead! And he couldn’t even come here to greet me!”
“Mike patted him on the shoulder. “Sorry but I can’t stay and wait with you”
“It’s ok. I’m sure he’ll remember eventually. And the whole thing you betraying us is ok now. See ya round.” He sat down sighing softly.

It was some two hours later than one of his old dealer’s showed up. Confetti bits and such spun about them. Charlie barely looked at him. He’d cleaned up on the island and had no intention of wasting his money on the drug anymore.
“Heeeeeey! Charlie! Welcome home! Have I got a sweeeeeet deal for you! Especially for the seemingly dead man come back!”
“No. Thanks. I’m off and intend to stay-“
“But Charleeee!”
“We’re on a bridge Charlie! Yeah I know. Forget it! Get outta here!” The man left in a huff and Charlie sat trembling for a long moment. He took the five dollars he’d gotten and went and got himself a coffee. Sitting on the crate he continued to wait. His coffee got colder and colder as he sat still waiting for him. Finally he chugged the ice cold bitter liquid.
“Hey. Looks like some one needs a ride somewhere home like.” The bass player whipped around and saw Zap and Sin Jin, both grinning at him. “Even if Liam forgot you again we never will. It’s great to see you. Come on. Let’s get you cleaned and warmed up.”
“Thanks Guys….really thanks” He sneezed. “Let’s go then.” He picked up his guitar case and suitcase. </endlj-cut>


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